It is about over for the Arizona Coyotes

The Arizona Coyotes have lost their last two games, and every second we are getting closer to yet another year outside of the playoffs for the Coyotes. Things could not be much worse in the desert.

I know this team is not the most talented team in the league, but they should be able to put up a better effort than we have seen in the last few weeks. Whether or not we make the playoffs does not matter when it comes to how we are playing recently.

There has not been much of a team out on the ice recently. No one is standing up for their teammates, and we have been getting pushed around. I would argue the Pacific Division is one of the grittiest divisions in the NHL, and yet we are letting our big players get pushed around. I want to see this team put up more of a fight through the next 10 games.

Regardless of whether or not we make the playoffs how about we just go out and play some decent hockey. Our first-round draft pick is not going to be ours this season, and chances are Taylor Hall will not be back with this team, so why not just go out there and have some fun?

This team has shown no indication that another year together would pose different results. That is going to make this offseason very interesting for Coyotes fans. Who stays and who goes could ride on the next few weeks of hockey, and I do not think anyone is safe, including the coach and GM.

John Chayka did an excellent job constructing a roster he thought was ready for the playoffs, but they have not done their part and made the postseason. Rick Tocchet has been showing progress in the last few seasons but seems to have hit a hurdle in his coaching career. Maybe it is time to shift our management and coaching staff to fit the changing NHL game. Think about how many coaches were fired this season, why not add our team to the list?

No matter how frustrating this all can be, try and enjoy the next few weeks of hockey, it might be a long offseason before hockey returns to the desert!