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Happy Thanksgiving From Howlin Hockey

This time of the year, we sit at the table and give thanks for all that we have received and all we have. It is usually health, happiness, family. We never say thanks enough to the military for what they and their families sacrifice. I’d like to do that right now. We are so grateful rough men and women like yourselves go out and stand between us and danger. When you see a service member, just say thanks.










After saying those, there are several items I’d like to recognize.

1) The NHL, especially Gary Bettman and Bill Daly for all they did two summers ago and all they continue to do in helping hockey thrive and survive in the desert. They were at the courthouse every day to give support and give us hope.
2) The free agent players who have come here to win and not enjoy the lifestyle.
3) Shane Doan.
4) The players who have stayed and give all they have to win and win now.
5) The fans who show up at the games, who continue to support the team when we get precious little media support.
6) The NBA for having a lockout. Hopefully those advertising dollars are making their way to the Coyotes.
7) The Cardinals. For being who we thought they are.
8)  GMDM and Dave Tippett. For being a culture of winning and changing the attitudes that was prevalent for years.
9) Youth hockey. It is growing the next generations of fans and has given much to my family.
10) Those who continue to work with the City of Glendale to purchase this team. There are many of us who would love to wake up and see Santa has brought us an owner.
11) Fox Sports Arizona for broadcasting almost every game. The games have to be able to be seen if you want fans to come to a game.
12) NHL Center Ice for those games that are not on FSAZ.
13) The Fox Sports AZ coverage team of Todd Walsh, Tyson Nash, Jodi Jackson, and Sparty Matt McConnell. They bring passion to every broadcast.
14) Shane Doan. So good we give thanks to him twice.
15) The rest of the players. When we have seen them in the community, all give their time, a smile, handshake, and make the kids they see feel special and important. No other sport can claim this.
16) The equipment managers and trainers who keep the players on the ice.
17) Kevin West and Phoenix Coyotes Youth Hockey Development. They are growing hockey first, Coyotes fans second.

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