Bet On The Coyotes-Vegas Style


If you are interested, you can bet on not only who will win the Western and Eastern Conference, but also the Stanley Cup. Let’s discuss the East first.

Favorites in the Eastern Conference are Pittsburg, Washington, and Boston. With Sydney Crosby being sidelines for concussion related symptoms, I’m surprised the line on them has’t moved to the south. And Washington? Semin and Ovechkin have to really improve and play like they did three seasons ago to have a chance to get by the Bruins. Think of it like this. Jason Chimera has as many goals as Ovi. Who does the league has as one of its marque players? Who is the captain and counted on for point per game production?

Boston is 8/1. That line is solid. The Jets are 100/1. Apparently the oddsmakers thought going to the Great White North would keep them in the basement of the league. The Islanders are 125/1. No one is worse. In every sense of the word worse. Horrible management, horrible arena, horrible fan support. The Canadian cities hungry for a 7th team should really look at helping the Wang family and get the team relocated to a city that will appreciate and support the team. The arena is so old and antiquated it has port-a-potties. Nice. Good to see a certain former GM who recently was in the news for discussing play with an opposing player who is twelve years old has not lost his Islander touch.

The Western Conference is a little more in line with what we are seeing on the ice with the exception of the LA Kings. They were thought to be contenders for the Cup. GM Dean Lombardi took the team to the salary cap max, locked up young players, brought in Mike Richards as a compliment to Anzi Kopital and Dustin Brown. The Kings sit in 11th place, 34 points, and a team searching for an identity under retread Darryl Sutter as the new coach. Since he was so successful in his Calgary stint, absolutely put  him behind the bench. When they finish in 9th place and miss the playoffs, John Stevens can become an interim head coach for the second time in one season.

And how do the Coyotes fit into this? 40/1 odds for the conference, 75/1 to lift the Cup. Less Cup confidence for the Cup than Anaheim, Florida, and Calgary (60/1) but ahead of Columbus and Winnipeg. Edmonton 10/1? The Baby Oil line is good, but not that good yet.

In summation, to steal a line from the Czabe, you can go to Vegas having done your homework and Lock It Up.



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