Coyotes Political Action Committee Formed To Counter Misinformation and GWI

To fans of the Phoenix Coyotes, the remote chance that the professional services contract between Greg Jamison and the City of Glendale being vacated is a nightmare scenario. Fortunately, Coyotes PAC has been formed to challenge the front known as Goldwater Institute and misinformed citizens. I’ve linked to their site below as well as put their front page below the link. We’ve worked too hard and come too far to let up now.

About the Coyotes Political Action Committee

The NHL has agreed to extend the lease in Glendale for an additional 30 days with the COG for NO cost to Glendale.

We are concerned with a petition for a referendum to place a measure on the November ballot in the City of Glendale, specifically the referendum to negate the decisions of the Glendale City Council voted in during the June 8, 2012 meeting. We believe that requesting this referendum for the November ballot will permanently damage the City of Glendale and have a completely opposite effect on the City budget that is desired by the people who will, in good conscience, sign the petition.

We are concerned by misinformation and exaggerated numbers being used to sway the thoughts of the citizens of Glendale.

We are concerned that an extremely complex, expensive and long existing problem in Glendale is being incorrectly reduced to a simple decision:

“Sign this petition so the expensive hockey team you don’t care about anyway goes away and so do all their expenses burdening and bankrupting your city. If you sign, the budget will be balanced and everything will be back to normal.”
“Don’t sign”

Who are we?

Most of us are hockey fans, specifically Coyotes hockey fans. We will admit to having a bias, our dog in this fight is the team we follow and the people working at the arena that have become our family. We do not pretend to be neutral parties in this matter, we will all be very upset if we lose the Coyotes. Beyond that, we’re moms and dads, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, taxpayers and citizens of Arizona. We are you.

What’s this about?

We’re working stiffs, not professional lobbyists or politicians. We formed a political action committee as a last resort, a final line of defense. The stakes are huge, and they are larger for the “average” citizen of Glendale (Coyotes fan or not) than they are for the team. We are aware that, for the most part, the dollar amounts and other numbers that are being published in local media and disseminated by special interest groups such as the Goldwater Institute are either misleading or simply false. The facts of the currently negotiated and approved arena lease deal with the Jamison group and the Coyotes have been carefully edited and misrepresented to the extent that one would be a fool to NOT sign the petitions in circulation to get two referendums on the November ballot.

What are the facts?

We hope you will take the time to examine the facts we present AND DOCUMENT here on our site and through our representatives. We will support and stand behind every statement we make. We hope, of course, once you examine the real facts about the Coyotes and the measures being discussed that you will make up your own mind and decide whether of not the overall picture is beneficial to the citizens of Glendale and is a profitable way out of an extremely difficult position. We hope you will see that the proposed solutions for the existing problems are legitimate, well thought out and deserving of your support.

Please, do not sign your valuable name on any petition until you have the real facts. Once you have the facts, as Coyotes fans, we hope you will not sign either petition but we will support your decision if you do sign as an educated voter.


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