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Why WestGate And Glendale Need The Coyotes

This is what the Westgate Plaza looks like on a night when the Coyotes are not playing. The bars and restaurants are empty. No one is buying model cars or being a Parrothead. There is no exchange of goods and services. Glendale is not collecting any sales tax revenue. And sales tax revenue is how Glendale will survive and prosper.

photo credit bigjackdaddy

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  • Killion of HFBoards

    is obviously like a wee doggie that don’t know thy juice is depleted
    like a well oiled machine biting a fat cat with no remorse. He just
    keeps on plucking away with little chance of the sun comin up to rise.
    The Bottom Line: The Phoenix Coyotes are dead meat! Deal with it! And
    that goes fer tha rest of y’all to. Don’t make me bring out da hammer on

    On HFBoards, I’m a pure saint, but everywhere else, I’m your
    worst nightmare!

    Killion of HFBoards