Mr. Jamison, Buy The Coyotes And Play At US Airways Center

If you cannot go through an obstacle, you have to go over, under, or around. City of Glendale has proven to be too big an obstacle to work with. After voting on an arena management contract for Mr. Jamison, they decide they need to rework the deal. After he stated he could live with the reworks, here comes Glendale back for more. At this time, there is only one course of action.

Buy the Coyotes from the NHL. That deal you can complete. The money is in escrow. Play the games at US Airways Center. Where you had sell out crowds. Light rail exists to bring in fans from the west valley. Downtown is growing. Now the workers and residents have one more entertainment option. You keep the team in Arizona. The Coyotes are yours. And you can start the process to build an arena in Scottsdale. I suggest off the Loop 101 at Scottsdale Road. There is a huge pit already started from a forgotten shopping plaza.

If the lockout is going to happen, and it appears it will, you have to straighten out the seating. The Suns will need the help filling the Center. The City of Phoenix would love to have another tenant to fill the building. If the LA Kings can work out their schedule with the Clippers and Lakers, certainly we can too.

You get to leave Elaine Scruggs and the rest of the City of Glendale behind. I’d find a position somewhere in the front office for Councilwoman Joyce Clark. But the rest can fix their eyes upon the soon to be vacant Perhaps Sanderson Ford can move there and display their cars indoors? That 0.7% sales tax hike you are derailing really makes life complete.

I’ll buy extra tickets if you do this. I’ll buy tickets to games I cannot attend.

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  • John Alexander

    I have been a season ticket holder since 1996 and don’t know which sell out crowds at US Airways center you are referring to.

  • bigjackdaddy

    The sellout refers to games within the season. I did not mean to infer every game of every season was sold out. If you compare sales numbers for end of season, the numbers are higher for the earlier years (extrapolate for bldg capacity differences). Now you have light eail servicong US Airways ctr and thousands more living and working downtown.downtown

  • johnnyB

    Jamison won’t buy the team unless someone pays him to do it though

  • Killion of HFBoards

    Go to “Family Guy Steals” to read my thoughts on this.

    Oh and a big fuck you to the dipshits who run Fansided and/or Disqus for not posting the link to “Family Guy Steals” in the last message!