Sept. 21, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Brandon Gormley (4) during the game against the Los Angeles Kings at Arena. The Kings beat the Coyotes 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Ken Campbell of The Hockey News Is At It Again

From Monday’s column by Ken Campbell of The Hockey News.


A deal between the City of Glendale and prospective Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison may very well be completed this week, but that doesn’t mean the Coyotes are out of the woods by a long shot, since Jamison is apparently well short of the funds he needs to buy the team from the NHL.

Two sources have told the deal is all but dead. The problem with a market such as Phoenix is that getting the up-front investment is only one of the obstacles. With the prospect of frequent cash calls coming based on the amount invested, those who might be tempted into investing in a team such as the Coyotes can be discouraged pretty quickly.

Mr. Campbell again shoots down the deal between Greg Jamison and the City of Glendale due to Jamison not having the money. This in spite of several local reporters (Lisa Halverstadt of The Arizona Republic, Mike Sunnucks of Phoenix Business Journal) have confirmed the money is there and in an escrow account to buy the team from the NHL.

In the story, he claims to have two sources, both of which are not named or even how they would know if the money is there to buy the team. It is journalistic malfeasance to make such a statement with no proof.

I offer this. From the twitter feed of City of Glendale Councilwoman Joyce Clark. Tuesday night October 2nd. 9:56 pm. Not only is she the best friend the Coyotes could have in Glendale but she is a brilliant leader. How she puts up with some on the board merits lifetime support by The Pack.

4 Glendale city Councilmembers give direction to proceed with Jamison lease management agreement for its arena. It is now in the hands…

Of Jamison and city attorneys.

9:56 PM – 2 Oct 12 · Details

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  • Clubber

    With all due respect, the two journalists you say have “confirmed” the money is in escrow are just reporting what Doan was told by Jamison.

    Neither Lisa nor Mike have personally confirmed the money is there themselves.

    In addition, this money in escrow was mentioned before Glendale chopped $20M off the first 5 years of the management deal, so Jamison could very likely be short of cash now.

  • Jack

    Mike Sunnucks Sept 29th
    Jamison’s camp has said he has the money to the buy the team and it hasn’t even been in some form of escrow.

    • Deb AR from

      So what? The fact that best you can do to help the Coyotes is writing an article whining and bitching about some hack instead of actually going out of your way to help Jamison instead is the reason why you are writing articles for a website with too many shit pop-ups that cause broswer slowdowns/crashes instead of something relevant like NBC or CBS!
      Oh, and Celine Dion has more balls than you do!
      You can find my Celine Dion review at Amazon. Go check it out and leave a comment if you got balls that is!