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Pop Warner was so cool. Of course I was a bigger kid and the coaches put me on the line. Even though I could throw and catch as well as any. I was happy to hit someone. Never had a brother. Just a baby sister, Tracy I roughed up. My best friend Marc and his dad would pick me up and made me tough. I owe them a ton of credit for who I am. My highlight was an interception in the Pop Warner Super Bowl I ran back while I looked and saw my Uncle Steve running sideways just as fast only to jump at the 5 yd line and getting credit for a touchdown even though I think I landed and rolled from a few yards out. But hey no instant replay. The play stands.

Little League Baseball was cool too. I played 2nd base and was in love with my first baseman. Shannon was the twin sister of my 2nd best friend Steve. I tore her shins up with low balls because I didnt want to ruin her perfect face. I was crazy. I hit the ball and NEVER stopped running. Relentless and scrappy if I had stuck with baseball after High School that would of been my best shot of going pro. But girls and school got in the way.

My mother Sheila actually gets credit for my YMCA Basketball and older basketball life. She bribed me with McDonalds. Get a basket and you get a cheeseburger. I may have mentioned it. I was a bigger kid and loved junk food. So I avg 14 points a game in your usual 36-32 barn burners. I could drain them from long range and back someone down. I still think I can take anyone on the court. But only for 10 mins or less. Cardio is lacking these days.

Described most of my family and friends above. My household consists of my Fiance Katrina and my 14 yr old daughter Taylor. We also have the coolest group of Chihuahuas. So much LOVE in my household. Including new baby coming in less than 2 weeks. Dallas Paisley. We can’t wait to welcome her into this world. We enjoy movies and keep busy by being active in the community. We are heavily involved in charities. My Fiance and I are Event Chairs for Peoria Relay For Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. If you would like to help our Team Jazzy J saves the Day. Please do.

Today my favorite teams are of course Your Phoenix Coyotes, ASU Sun Devils, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Arizona Cardinals. Big Dale Jr. and Phil Mickelson fans too. Season ticket holder Coyotes and Cards. Have to admit I still pull my the Dallas Cowboys. My one exception to Arizona sports. Well that and U of A. Even though I have the bitter in state rivalry I still root for the Wildcats when not playing the Sun Devils. Perfect scenario is playing at season’s end with both Sun Devils and Wildcats undefeated. ASU winning of course.

What made me a Coyotes fan or fan of Hockey? Well that’s easy. When I was very young my dad took me to Phoenix Roadrunner games. Stale hot dog and pepsi and maybe a goal or two. Then not too long after I saw the best sporting event in the history of man. 1980 Miracle On Ice. Sure there are a lot of big games. Even series. But nothing gets the heart pounding like Team USA anything. Beating the Russians at that time in that era made me realize anything can happen in life. Against all odds. Sure Rocky had came out and as a kid that was a huge underdog movie. This was real life. Most people think beating the Russians won us the Gold. But still had to beat the boys from Finland.

When the Coyotes came to the Valley of the Sun I was stoked. Roenick, Tkachuck, Teppo, and the boys with the crazy Kachina type Coyote on their sweater were fun to watch. I still remember the good days and bad. White out and playoff memories that stick with me today. J.R. with the broken jaw playing with the headgear. STUD!

I actually saw Keith on the freeway, broke down after his Land Cruiser hit something in the road. I brought him another Land Cruiser as he had a loaner from our dealership. Told him he could go. He said “Nah I’ll wait until the tow truck comes.” We talked for a half hour. He broke down a few times talking about the tire falling off the back of the Jeep. He said “Man I had my boys with me, the tire hit under the vehicle and we went straight in the air…All I could think…..about….were my boys.” Will never forget him dwarfing me when we exchanged a hug in between both vehicles. One thing that did bug me was when I asked him how he liked it out here in Arizona and playing for the Coyotes. His reaction upset me some. “Hockey, hockey, hockey.So tired of hockey. All I’ve done since I was very young.” It upset me at the time. But looking back he had a lot on his mind. Was a grind and just had a tough long season. Of course paying to go to games I didnt want to hear that. But I love the guy and cheered for him until he retired with the Blues. I even texted him some. Today I could of Tweeted. It’s fun to have heroes.

The Phoenix Coyotes are everything that’s good about athletes. Hard working blue collar types. They bring it and you don’t get cheated as a fan. They definitely bring the lunch pail. Worth every penny and the most affordable ticket in town. You get your money’s worth.

That’s all for now. Hope this gave some insight into who is ranting about Your Phoenix Coyotes!

Troy Baker

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