Howlin' Hockey 101 - Uncredited Assists

UNCREDITED ASSISTS: The plays that won’t exactly show up in the STATS. Trust me. The Coaches, players, and fans know those moments when they see them.

Face Off Win~ Whether on a Penalty Kill or deep in the Attacking Zone; a crucial win can save a goal or create some good scoring chances. This is why Boyd Gordon was signed in 2011 off-season and why he was the 1st line center for the playoffs.

Loud Crowd ~ The Energy from a raucous Barn can create an enormous push from the Home team. It can confuse the visiting team. A nice chant or screamin your head off like. “Let’s GO Coyotes. Red Wings Suck. Let’s GO Coyotes”The Players hear you, feed off the energy, you are one organism.

Droppin’ the Gloves ~ Whether it is a momentum breaker or jump starter. Biznasty isn’t just loved for his porn stache. My teen even gets excited for a good fight. May be the second most respected by all. Each team has someone called their enforcer. Maybe a few. They also protect their players. A cheap shot or injury may very well be followed by some stinky gloves that get dropped. It is earning respect from your teammates for what you are going to do for them and what you will do for them in the future.

Clear the Puck ~ May sound easy but to get rid of the puck is important and the Coyotes play a great team game of getting the puck out of the scoring zone. Most obvious is during a Penalty Kill when the puck is sent flying to the other end. Also getting the puck from on net to the boards. A good even strength clear means Don’t Ice the Puck. Can lead to a #1 line against some tired Defensemen.

Forecheck ~ Almost the most important act that leads to opportunities and scoring chances. My Grandpa used to yell at the TV “U gotta hit somebody.” He told me that is the biggest problem with losing squads. They just don’t hit enough. Hits in the 1st period show up in the 3rd. Coyotes dump and forecheck as well as any.

May 13, 2012; Phoenix Coyotes defenseman David Schlemko (6) drops to block. Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Blocked Shots ~ The most respected act of giving up one’s body for the good of the team. Those pucks hurt. They know what they are in for. Just like a firefighter who goes into a burning building. The brave ones inspire teammates to get down for the team as well. The most helpless feeling is seeing a skater try and get off the ice after taking a puck in the shin and thigh or worse. The agony as they limp off is felt and respected by coaches, players, and the fans. Late in the season against San JoseI witnessed this live. Seeing Boyd Gordon take one off the body, unprotected by his equipment was inspiring.
Fell free to add some instances of your own in the comment section.
  • Shot from the point. When the offense controls the puck and works the puck back to the defenseman to let loose a blast of frozen rubber on a goalie.
  • Triangle. When you have 2 forwards and a center form a triangle in front of the goal. Center usually takes the center high slot and the forwards low at just above the goal line.
  • Backcheck. When the forwards are active in the defensive zone and pressure the puck to force a turnover.
  • Forecheck. You don’t have control of the puck but it is in the offensive zone. Your forwards go in hard and create havoc and pressure. This results in a bad pass or the puck dumped off that your team can grab and turn into a scoring chance.
  • Gangster knee-drop snipe. When Shane drives toward the net on the side, ususally on the power play. He sits down in a quiet spot and waits to receive the pass which affords him the change to get a one-time shot on the goalie. Usually lights the lamp.
  • Will run from time to time to explain aspects of the game.
  • Intended for Coyote’s fan of all levels of knowledge.
  • CAPS will be used to emphasize Hockey terms.
  • There may be a test later.

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