April 23, 2012; Chicago, IL, USA; Phoenix Coyotes right wing Shane Doan (19) shakes hands with Chicago Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews (19) after winning game six of the 2012 Western Conference quarterfinals at the United Center. The Coyotes beat the Blackhawks 4-0 to advance in the playoffs. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN named the Blackhawks the worst franchise in professional sports

That was the February 2004 post by ESPN. Well wait a second. Everyone knows the Chicago Blackhawks are very popular and have the top attendance numbers for four, count ‘em 4 years in a row. FOUR straight. Ok so now you know what would of happened if the city of Chicago just gave up and shipped the team to Mexico or some obscure location like Canada. But could Canada keep a hockey team? Not in Quebec where they lost the Nordiques. Not in Winnepeg where they lost the Jets who became the Coyotes and now awarded the Thrashers who are now…..Jets. AGAIN!

Ok enough of crazy talk. We all know Canada loves hockey. Besides curling there is nothing else really available for hungry sports fans. So to hear Canada supports hockey is like saying Hawaii supports volcanoes.

The point here is you should never lose hope when you have a huge market. Phoenix also has a new owner Greg Jamison who is wrapping up a deal to purchase the team and keep them in Glendale for at least 25 more years. While it probably won’t result in the best attendance numbers; If the Coyotes continue to make the playoffs and compete, why can’t they sustain a top 10 mark. The Coyotes have never had their ducks completely in a row. In the beginning they played in an arena not built for hockey. With 3500 plus limited view seats in Phoenix, then with ownership and location issues in Glendale, you even had the foreclosure bubble burst hitting Glendale hardest of nearly all of the nation. Now when it appears ownership is solved, team just missed a chance to go to the Cup finals, and an arena built to accommodate a full house with economic recovery; The NHL locks out it’s players.

Oh well. All we can do is wait and hope. But who’s to say the Coyotes can’t realize the same turn around that the Blackhawks achieved in less than a decade. It shows with proper ownership and success. You can go from the worst franchise in all of sports to one of the best.

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  • John Denver

    Nice article, You should wipe your ass with a Canadian flag while you’re at it.

  • Swordofjustice

    Having a good team i only 1 pt of the equation. You mustalso have a fanbase at supports the team. That is one thing the Coyotes have never had. Probably never will have. As much as I hate to see fans lose their team, some cities will never be hockey markets. Glendale is one of them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Troy-Baker/1517797316 Troy Baker

      I disagree. Roadrunners were very well loved and supported. SO were the Coyotes when they came to Arizona. People see numbers but have no clue of the support just because America West Arena had 3500 limited view seats they just didnt sell. Those teams were legendary for the community. You had several loved and followed players. Now it is Shane Doan and a bunch of journeymen. With ownership comes the ability to get and keep players. Sign more notable free agents.

      As far as Canada, I have nothing ill to say about them. Just they don’t have the same competition for their entertainment dollars. No NBA outside Toronto. No NFL at all. No Nascar. No PGA. No Spring Training. Only Blue Jays in NHL.

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