Donald "Dumb" Fehr and Gary "Dumber" Bettman

The title says it all. We go another weekend with little productivity. After a while shouldn’t we let someone else have a go at it? Definition of insanity is letting the same idiots run the asylum and hoping we don’t get stabbed. Mock-ing.

I sold cars for 10 years. There is the sticker price I’d love to get. There is the invoice price the consumer would love to get. Then there is the agreed upon price that we would both settle for. Because in the end we need each other.  So unless the customer is truly unreasonable and wants below invoice, we don’t let them leave without a vehicle washed and ready to go. Bird-ing.

But in this case it’s different. This isn’t an argument between dealer and consumer. This is between dealer and manufacturer and the consumer is getting screwed. Ing-ing.

Ah maybe it’s time to bring in Lloyd and Harry and have them take over. Anything is better than what we have. Two stubborn old idiots who do not love the game of hockey like we all do. We need some passion. Some fist pounding. Heck why hasn’t Obama stepped in. Oh wait he already got elected.  Something’s gotta give.

What really vexes me is the fact they talk a few hours then take a week off. Sit in a room with a pitcher of beer and some tequilla. Do a shot an hour while drinking a few beer chasers. Trust me, with in 10 hours you will get a deal done. Only way out of that room is a signed deal or a signed resignation. As owners and players DEMAND results or get someone else in there. Why is Fehr in there anyway? Put a big time enforcer in there. Heck put me in there. I will get a deal done.

Same story different scenarios. Keep fighting over a pie and you will end up with a deal you both agree upon; But realize the pie is much smaller than it used to be before you two children fought over it too long.

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