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NHL cancels games through the All-Star game Dec. 14th

Well my worst fear has been realized. I made a calculated guess both sides would figure a way to save the season and start Dec. 1st

I was wrong.  The NHL decided to cancel more games. Trying to pull a Hostess by threatening to take away what the players love. I can’t believe either side can afford to lose any more games or fans like they did when a season was lost less than a decade prior. Instead you have petulant children running the schoolyard. Inmates running the asylum. Dumb and Dumber just can’t use common sense. There are no winners here. Only losers.

But the question has to be brought up: Who will lose the most over this lockout? You have owners who will lose millions. Can they afford it? Some can and some can’t. How about the players? They can play elsewhere and make the same or even more money in some cases. But in the end this will cripple them. They have a shelf life. When they signed their contracts they bought houses and cars. Put their kids in private school. Got Directv and even the NHL Center Ice package. They have BILLS! Shame on the NHL for going Scrooge this Holiday season.

I think we all can agree this is on the owners. Sure we want them to make a profit and I don’t think it’s the players fault the owners struggle.  The players play. They entertain. They drop the gloves and fight. Hockey players are some of the most skilled, kind, and fan friendly athletes in all of sports. Does Nascar have the best athletes? Most skilled? Fan friendly? Not really. But Nascar and it’s owners market their sport well. TV contracts and a rabid fan base drive that sport past most other sports. NFL and UFC are the only other sports you have as much or more of a fan base. Passionate and hungry for every second of action. Every fiber of apparel and just about every event is jam packed. They are marketed well. The NHL is poorly marketed. ESPN doesn’t give it’s due diligence. No real TV coverage. Versus started a movement. NBC as well.

Just when any momentum is started the NHL and it’s owners screw it up. Stop worrying about money and you will get plenty. Take care of people and the money will take care of itself. So what is the next step? Really can’t have a Cup Final on ice held in the middle of Summer. If a deal cannot be reached this weekend. The season needs to be scrapped. The NHL and the NHLPA needs to totally disband. A new union needs to be created with proper leadership. Arenas will need the game eventually. You can find a place to play. OR the NHL will get a clue and accept the best deal presented to this point and save whatever they can at this point. I, like most fans am tired of this.

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