City of Glendale votes 4-2 in favor of Coyotes / Jamison lease agreement

This is good news indeed if you are a fan of the Phoenix Coyotes. The 4-2 vote means now there is a 30 day referendum period where any opposition needs to accumulate over 3,000 valid signatures to push this matter to a public vote. Jamison’s deal has until Jan. 31 to be completed. After seven hours it was a long but successful battle.

Greg Jamison came just before the session along with Don Maloney and President Mike Nealy. They had a quiet cool about them. Yet you could tell they were anxious as the rest of us were. The meeting started out slow. Four council members and the Mayor were seated while a barely understandable council woman phoned it in. No one said why she was not present. Council Alvarez was very basic with her questions and she didn’t have the same esteem as the rest of the panel. She seemed out of place. The other council seemed almost embarrassed by her. She spoke as if she were a single mom who had concerns. She just didn’t get anything. The teleprompter backed up several times as well as just left words out all together as they were not of English origin. Many looked at each other puzzled by the things she said. Someone mumbled she was “eating her Taco Bell.”  Another wondered “who elected this lady?” I also thought she had no place ruling on city matters. That is for the City of Glendale to correct. I believe her full name was Norma Alvarez.

Several items were discussed by council after presentation from City Manager Skeete. Several votes later it was showtime. When the 5th item for consideration came into play the room woke up. Cameras focused and questions were asked. Again Council Alvarez went on and on about “what are the prices for the Rose Lane pool?” It was answered the prices would NOT change. Yet she still wanted to know the price. This was the big concern? Ok that answer was given and now she went on about how “Kids will do drugs and join gangs without all library services.” Her lunacy along with a few angry elders were the main detractors.

There were many passionate fans who spoke as well as myself. Personally I gave the council my pitch stating although I am a resident of Surprise, AZ and not Glendale, I spend every Sunday supporting the Arizona Cardinals or at church there. As well as nearly 65 events at arena. We frequent the AMC at Westgate because we like the popcorn and soda along with seating and Imax better than the 3 theaters we pass. Enjoy dinners at Saddleranch and other eateries at Westgate. As a small business owner we play and run free poker at sports bars there. SO to the Glendale fossil who said “Ahh figures you don’t even live here but want me to pay for your hockey team.” I say I think I do just as much if not several times more for the city. I sold cars at 47th ave. and Glendale while residing in a townhome and eating at Max’s Sports Bar for several years.

But enough about me. This is a story about finally seeing some sunlight on a long cloudy day. Ok years of doom and gloom finally got a ray of sunshine. Several Coyotes supporters showed to support the team and it’s fans. Too many to name but I wanted to say thanks to Bea and George. Their tireless efforts and thankless criticism will not be overlooked. There are so many stories of fans going above and beyond.  I have had many sleepless nights and not just because of our newborn. But finally after tonight I don’t feel alone. We have taken the first step into showing the World who the Phoenix Coyotes are.

The pic to the right was me not containing myself after the 4-2 vote had been finalized. It is the front page pic on

I think it says everything. Although more work needs to be done. This feels like a victory.

Thank you to Joyce Clark and the other council members. Even though the Mayor voted NO along with Alvarez. I still thank the Mayor for getting us to this point.

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