Howliday Skate with the Phoenix Coyotes

Well the weather outside in Arizona isn’t always frightful. It in fact if you ask most people this time of year, they would say it’s delightful. The Phoenix Coyotes care about their community. They are very charitable as you know with time and money. In case you didn’t know. They will skate with you too.

Several public skates have been offered at the Ice Den and arena for fans to come out and lace them up for a stretch on the ice. Howler, Paw Patrol, coaches, and even players are out on the ice with friends and families.

Just part of how the Phoenix Coyotes give back to their community. I spoke already on some of the charitable events and activities they are involved in. It doesn’t stop there. In needs mentioned as I find it hard to come up with another company, business, or sports franchise who goes so far out of their way to get you to love them.

Let’s talk about the military for a second. Each game features the Hero of the Game where a service man or woman is center ice with a guest and honored as the Arena stands and applauds their sacrifice to this country and all it’s citizens. Nothing is more heart felt and sincere then a sell out crowd honoring a small sample of what we are all proud of. That is our home team, those who protect the USA!

The Hard Way for Heroes program was very successful – the goal of 17,125 tickets donated to community heroes (police, firefighters, military, educators, healthcare workers) was not only reached, but exceeded.

The Coyotes run an active youth hockey development program, including “kids first” classes that allow young children who have never before played hockey to try it – at no cost.

The Phoenix Coyotes Almuni Association has held events to raise money to support youth hockey growth in the valley – in 2011-2012, they set a lofty goal of $100,000 for this season, surpassing the $60,000 raised the previous season.

Last but not least I want to talk about the Coyote’s Carnival. What a delightful event. For $5 you can get up close with a couple of your favorite players who will take a picture and sign something for you. Of course Doan warrants a few more bucks but it all goes to charity. You can pick up a stick, puck, grab bag, or photos as well. Also you can try and score versus Mike Smith. GOOD LUCK! I saw him stonewall several youngsters then shake his fist at them. Hilarious.

So go out and get involved. The Phoenix Coyotes would love to have you out at one of their events or helping them help others in need.

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