Apr. 2, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA; Phoenix Coyotes left wing Rob Klinkhammer (36) skates out after being named a star of the game against the Los Angeles Kings at Jobing.com Arena. The Coyotes beat the Kings 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Coyotes giving up on 2013? Trade deadline and fans say: YES

Lights dimming in Glendale, AZ?

First of all I am a huge fan but in all fairness I must be frank. Secondly wishing Don Maloney and his family the best after losing his father. I just lost my mother to cancer a month ago and the pain is great.

Breaking down the trades is simple and the grade is too. This is a D- for the Coyotes and it vexes me they seem to be giving up on this season. At least get something in return.

Raffi Torres traded to division rival San Jose for a 3rd round pick. Brendan McMillan (an 85th overall pick in 2008) received for Lombardi means we are giving up 2 veterans for average role players at best if they even make it out of the minors. Do we really need to talk about Steve Sullivan?

The day after the Coyotes honor Sully for his 1000th game and give the photo collage  with all his teams us being the shortest but biggest picture, he is traded for a whopping 7th rounder. When did we become the Suns?

I am a big Don Maloney fan. I would take Tippett, Maloney, and Nealy over any other brass in the NHL. This feels like Don went to be with his family and someone lost their mind in his absence.

When you trade 3 top 2 liners for a bag of pucks it smells pretty bad. Not as bad as selling 1st round picks for cash Sarver. But if you are a fan holding onto post season hopes, forget that.

No way anyone can sell us on the fact infusing a few Portland prospects into a line up already missing Korpikoski, Michalek, Smitty, etc. a cohesive unit based on chemistry. Every time Dave Tippett works his magic you change the equation. I feel bad for Tippett as he is always asked to do the impossible. Make a winner out of a patchwork of talent with no real star and constant turbulence.

Many thought the Kings game would determine whether we were buyers or sellers. In the end we just stuck our product on the corner and asked for a small donation. Keith Yandle and Derrick Morris were much more attractive pieces who will become unrestricted free agents and they were not moved or re-signed. Go figure.

I usually say everybody Howl at this point. Right now I just want everyone to breathe and stop talking like this is the sign of the end for hockey in the valley of the sun. Keep hope alive.

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  • NovaScotianYote

    I disagree on the giving up front. All three were UFAs who were unlikely to re-sign with Phoenix at a price our ownerless team could afford. The moves make sense for getting something as a return when you were probably going to get nothing.

    If you look at the numbers for Lombardi and Sullivan, they never panned out the way management hoped they would at the beginning of the season and both had been recently demoted. Lombardi was instantly injured at the beginning of the season and would go long stretches without points. Sullivan had hints of greatness but they were few and far between. Torres, of course, was solid but like the other two players, he was picked up as a rental and depth rental guys can’t be expected to have the returns of a top line scorer with a reasonable contract (Also, that 3rd round pick was Florida’s so it’s probably good for anywhere between the 61st and the 65th overall pick which is not too shabby).

    If management was selling in the truest sense, Boyd Gordon, as a face-off and PK specialist who would be highly valued by most any team, would be gone. The trades allow management to focus on re-signing our goalies (if they so choose), Boyd and our many AHL depth players who are UFAs this summer like Chipchura and Bolduc as well as the half of our team that are RFAs this summer. Also, the open spots allow some AHLers a chance to get some NHL ice time which as we know from Klinkhammer and Johnson has given the team a boost in the past.

    The core group of players that went to the conference finals last year are still here minus Ray Whitney and while that may be a pretty big minus, it doesn’t mean Phoenix can’t make it back into the playoffs.

    As much as I like all three of these guys, Phoenix’s playoff hopes were not resting on their shoulders.

    At worst, Maloney and team were undecided about Phoenix’s playoff hopes. I feel like the message sent was pretty clearly we can make it back but it all depends on consistency from the core.