Phoenix Coyotes reach 11th hour. The saga ends or begins a new after tonight.

Once again the City of Glendale remains in the spotlight for the city, state, Seattle, and parts of Canada.

What stops any outside entity from reaching out and getting Norma a life supply of nachos?  Jerry Weiers a moving/valet company to illegally park his ride.

Ok I am not suggesting anyone on the take but some of the decisions, stalling, and dare I say shenanigans just make no sense. We really must put the fate of our Phoenix Coyotes and the future of a franchise, let alone hundreds of millions of dollars in the hands of 7 people? I like most of them. But this is too big to put on their shoulders. You vote in George W or Obama even Clinton and yeah they all doubled our deficit and did nothing for our country but this is so much bigger. You elect a few wrong council and boom the Coyotes could be gone, Westgate could close up, and Glendale could suffer so much it will go under.

Here is the positive to the Coyotes leaving Arizona: Ken Jones gets to spend the last 5 years of his life saying I told you so, a library stays open a few years until Glendale goes bankrupt, you keep the same handful of retirees that care nothing about sports, kids, or city life.

The negative impact of losing the Coyotes. Westgate becomes a sinking ship. Think the stock market collapse. Stock brokers = Saddle Ranch and AMC may be what’s left next to that huge outlet mall. After about 5 years of trying to recover from paying the NHL and an arena that is empty and nothing happening at Westgate Ken Jones and his senior citizen friend and their friends will not be enough to make the city relevant. No growth, no young people would ever dare move into the city, and even Max’s says enough is enough. Glendale becomes El Mirage. AMC is now a Spanish only theater. Norma Alvarez is the only person still happy in Glendale. Eventually the course for this city and it’s wanting to be bigger than it is attitude is selling to Peoria or maybe even Phoenix.

No more Super Bowls. NFL sees there is nothing but the Spanish only AMC and Aaron Hernandez in jail so not a good thing for Glendale.

So go ahead Glendale do your worst. Immediate good in some minds is no services will be lost. Bad news is you may not have anyone to serve. Your home prices were starting to rebound. The Coyotes and Westgate will dramatically change that. Who will want to move to Glendale now? What is the draw? Don’t pull the Cardinals feather out. Let’s be honest that is 8-9 days a year and no one needs to live there. Nice quiet Sunday drive and tailgaiting means even Scottsdale people have no issues driving an hour.

Keep the Coyotes and avoid being the laughing stock of Canada and the country. Stay the prominent growing city you can be. Watch as Westgate fills and home prices rise. Stop worrying about the Coyotes as RSE will make sure they turn a profit. They aren’t in business to lose money.

It’s up to you now City of Glendale. Step up and be something or fade into irrelevancy.

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