Jun 30, 2013; Newark, NJ, USA; Fans arrive at a fan plaza outside before the 2013 NHL Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Coyotes fate resides in the hands of 7 people? Part 3

Why the Coyotes will succeed?

Dave Tippett and Don Maloney. Mike Nealy and Sean Burke. Shane Doan and talented youth here and on the way.

Why attendance will continue to improve?

As stated prior their have been reasons why it hasn’t always been sunny in Glendale. Yet is wasn’t until Jerry Moyes threatening to move the team and not refund any money did the fans ever decline in enthusiasm. We all know the East valley and all it’s money is still bitter about the stadium being built so far away. Every Sunday the Arizona Cardinals sell out and have more than enough to sell out their building with more than 60,000 fans. At one point is was difficult for them at Sun Devil stadium. They may as well not had an owner either. But when the Bidwells made a commitment to winning the fans came in record numbers. When the Coyotes make the post season the fans show up in all white and sell out every game. Weekends and Canadian teams as well as original six games are near sell out or better. The problem has always been midweek and/or against the rest of the teams.

Winning changes everything. Commit to the fans and they will commit to the team. Soon with an owner who markets the team and fills the suites seats will be coveted. Tickets will be scarce and the only guarantee to get to watch your favorite team will be to buy season tickets. New ownership will also fix price points that at this point are severely mismatched. You can sit almost center ice for the same price as the upper end zone. Ownership will figure that all out. The other glaring need is suite sales. That happens when ownership reaches out to it’s community and partnerships on the corporate level.

Canadians love hockey! As I said before they will come and root for their Flames but every other game they have Coyotes gear on.

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