Phoenix Coyotes verdict in.....Glendale City Council votes 4-3 YES!

We all waited with baited breath. When I say WE  mean Glendale, Arizona, the Coyotes fans, coaches, management, and players. Seattle, Canada, NHL, all the haters, and all loyal to our beloved Coyotes.

The saga had to come to an end either way tonight and based on the vote from Glendale City Hall it appears they are APPROVING the management agreement with RSE. With backing from Comcast the deal grew legs as well as many concessions that as Concilmember Manny Martinez says “The Coyotes are a good deal for the city of Glendale!” I AGREE.

Shockwaves will reverberate North through Seattle and into several parts of Canada. With hopes of stealing our franchise, this was a slam dunk and ARIZONA posterized the aforementioned cities.

Yes votes from Yvonne J. Knaack, Sammy ChaviraIan Hugh, Gary Sherwood, and Manny Martinez

No votes were from Jerry Weiers, Norma Alvarez and

I have been very critical of Council member Alvarez but I understand where she is coming from. I just feel she is so short sided in her thought process. She worries about a few services but if the city nearly dies…who are you serving?

Touching to see after the pledge of Allegiance Mayor Jerry Weiers give a moment of silence to the fallen victims from the Yarnell fires.

Moving forward a deal between RSE and the NHL must be struck and finalized before this can all be official. So like always for the Coyotes it’s a win but cannot celebrate fully until OFFICIAL!

The future is Bright after the vote and fans left the city council with heads held high.

The Phoenix Coyotes will be renamed the Arizona Coyotes. I am NOT a fan of this but understand the reasons behind it.

A GREAT day to be a Coyotes fan!  Everybody HOWL!!!!!! Let’s GO COYOTES!!!

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