BizNasty heading to the All-Star Game?


Is Phoenix Coyotes Paul Bissonnette heading to this years NHL All-Star Game?

Odds are no. However, you can never under estimate the power of the Internet, social media, and fans latching on to something (remember a few months ago we had the entire Throw the Snake campaign?).

Paul Bissonnette, or as he is often referred to at this point: BizNasty, has found himself in the center of an online campaign for getting him to the All-Star Game. Though he has stated via Twitter that he’ll be the first player ever made a health scratch for the All-Star Game I don’t think that will stop fans from trying to vote him onto the team.

What will that mean for the league? Well you can either fight it and say that the game is for the very best players with the best skill, etc etc and that is why people tune in; but isn’t that why the league makes such a big deal between Crosby vs Ovi? They’d be on the same All-Star Team. Maybe we need to take a broader look at “All-Star” Have we come to a time where off ice personality can out weight on ice performance? Has Bissonnette’s hate for PT Cruisers and his wanting to help the homeless made him a star in his own right?

What if the All-Star game came down to being headlined as BizNasty vs Sean Avery? Would more people tune in looking for something different in an All0Star game? I remember the last All-Star game I was sitting in a hockey bar with a friend of mine and a total of maybe 20 other people… I was the only one watching… in a hockey bar.

Not sure of BizNasty’s “cult” following… explain to me why he is in this then…

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