The 5.5 Seconds Felt Around Phoenix


They say lightning doesn’t strike twice but apparently the Chicago Blackhawks do. As if the first game of the Phoenix Coyotes and Chicago Blackhawks series wasn’t enough with a tying goal during the last 17 seconds or so of the game, the Blackhawks decided to make it even more interesting (and heartbreaking) in Game 2. This time by, once again, tying things up with just 5.5 seconds left in the 3rd.

5.5 seconds.

That is the time when you are packing up your purse, grabbing your bottle of water (or downing the last of your beer) and heading for the stairs. I mean that’s supposed to be it, you’ve won. It’s over. Time to hoot and holler and yell inappropriate slurs at the opposing team’s fans. That is NOT the time to hear the two Blackhawk fans behind you celebrating. It’s my Whiteout darn it, not your Redout or Blackout or whatever you Chicagoans call it. But as we all know it doesn’t work that way because incredible (and devastating) things happen all the time.

Like that tying goal. Again.

The rough part is that the Coyotes, once again, played a great game. All seemed right in the hockey universe with great defense, Radim Vrbata back on the ice and Mike Smith standing on his head and hands to make the big saves. Smith even took a clock cleaning hit from Andrew Shaw that earned the Blackhawk an ejection and a power play scoring opportunity for us. Unfortunately it also earned the Phoenix Coyotes fans some breathless moments watching our goaltender lying on the ice. Stanley Cup playoffs are not the time to have your hot goalie laid out.

What I wished they had done differently is come out with more attack in the 3rd. A one goal lead is just not enough against teams as skilled as the Chicago Blackhawks. Just like the Detroit Red Wings they are sneaky and will tend to snipe during those last precious moments of a game. In short they are evil and not to be trusted!

Even with Smith rebounding and finishing the game, all it took was a mad 6 on 5 net rush at the end to tie it up with an eventual OT loss. This leaves us at a 1-1 series tie.

So no chance to hurl insults at the Blackhawk fans, no triumphant high-fiving with people you don’t know and no free or discounted fast food..

But there ain’t nothing like playoff hockey especially when you are the underdog..or rather the underYote. Next up Games 3 and 4 at the Madhouse. Let’s hope the team catches a little of that madness and shows Chicago a little lightning of their own.