Today, We Are All Predator Fans


The Nashville Predators did tonight what the Coyotes could not do the past two post seasons. Beat Detroit. And beat them the Pred did. On home ice to clinch game 5, the Predators scored first and kept the pressure on all game. Coyotes, take a note. Pressure all game. Do not let up.

Early in the first period, the Predators got a power play. On the ensuing rush up the ice after a face off loss, Dan Cleary skated into Mike Fisher. Fisher clipped Cleary, who flopped to the ice like a sniper took him out. After laying on the ice for the appropriate time, he skated to the bench. Fisher skated to the penalty box for a 2 minute interference call. Cleary never missed a shift. Nice acting.

The final score was 2-1. Catfish were tossed on the ice to celebrate the win. How sweet it is. The past is cleared for the Coyotes.