Phoenix Coyotes Post Game Interview With Coach Tippett: The Transcript


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THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach Tippett.

Q.  Comparing game 2 to game 1…
COACH  TIPPETT:  It was disappointing the way it finished.  I thought
we  certainly  started better.  I thought the first four or five minutes of
the second period we had four or five very good chances to score to get the
game back to even.  We weren’t able to do that.
They  got that second one.  We ended up putting ourselves in a lot of
penalty trouble.
First  period they had a lot of shots from outside.  The first period
I thought was a better period for us.  Last game, it was one of those games
we  were  hanging  around  the  game.  Needed to capitalize on the chances.
Unfortunately, the penalties took the game away from us.

Q.  Is your team frustrated?
COACH TIPPETT:  Well, it’s frustrating not winning, not being able to
do the things you want to do.  That’s for sure.

Q.   How much does it hurt right now that your top two offensive guys
haven’t  been  able to get anything going the way they did in the Nashville
COACH  TIPPETT:  We need everybody to give a little more.  Those guys
aren’t  excluded  from  that, obviously.  When you’re looking to make those
opportunities count, your margin for error is very slim.
When  we do get chances, and the players that are around the chances,
you  know,  that’s  the  difference  where  we  are  right  now compared to
Nashville.   They  went in in Nashville.  Here we haven’t been able to bury

Q.   Mike  Smith  said today he doesn’t know if it’s feeling like the
team  was  just  getting  to the Conference Finals was good enough, but you
haven’t  shown  the  kind  of  team you are in the first two games.  Do you
agree with that?
COACH TIPPETT:  You know, I think there’s sometimes, I think you have
to  give  them  credit, how they’re playing.  I certainly think that we can
show better than we are right now.
Like I say, I like the first period, first part of the second period.
We got to find a way to sustain that, obviously keeps some pucks out of our
net,  be  more  disciplined,  capitalize on a chance or two.  At least give
ourselves a chance where we feel like we’re competitive in the game.

Q.    Down  2-0,  facing  the  possibility  of  losing  two  players,
COACH  TIPPETT:   Well,  I’m not going to worry about the discipline.
The  league  will  take care of that.  I don’t know what will happen there.
But obviously being down 2-0, that’s not the results we were looking for at
We  got  to  regroup tomorrow, go in there and try to steal a game on
the road.

Q.   They’ve  got size on all of their lines.  It’s not like you’re a
small  team.  What is the difference with them being able to use their size
against you guys?
COACH TIPPETT:  They are using their size?  They’re throwing a lot of
pucks  at the net, you know, crashing the net.  We’re trying to do the same
thing.  We just haven’t got as many pucks there.
The  games  are  competitive.   Like  I  say, I thought for stretches
tonight  we were much better than we were in Game 1.  I think in Game 1, if
you look back, we were a team we weren’t sure how it was going to go.  Took
us a while to figure out that the bar goes up every round, so…
Like  I  say,  I  think  there  were some things we could grab out of
tonight’s  game  we  can build on and there’s some things that are going to
have  to come out of our game or get out of our game if we’re going to have
a chance to be successful.

Q.   When it looks like you lose your cool, especially in the second,
how do you get that back for Game 3?
COACH  TIPPETT:   Losing our cool over there?  The Doan penalty was a
little frustrating because that’s one, you know, it’s a slash, these sticks
break  like they do.  The Yandle penalty, I don’t know why only one guy was
taken there.  I still felt like we were around a little bit.
The  Doan  penalty is an interesting one.  It’s a dangerous place.  A
player  can’t put himself in that position either.  I’m not saying it was a
good hit.
Anybody  who’s  played  the game, you’re in that position, the guy is
beside you, he turns his back to you, you can’t stop.  You can’t stop.  You
know, that’s the way I saw that hit.
I  don’t  want  to  comment too much on it.  Obviously that was a big
factor, spending that much time down five-on-three.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you very much, coach.

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