NHLPA arrives at NHL offices, proposals bouncing back and forth


"New Years 2013 brought a frenzy of activity on twitter as several met from both sides in all sorts of meetings as we have arrived at zero hour. Brad Penner-USA TODAY SportsMedia was left to wait in the cold for results of the latest meetings between the infamous NHL and NHLPA. Not understanding exactly why they felt the need to stand out there or complain about it every article and update but they did. Heck wait for a insider tweet like the rest of us. But dying media is a whole different story.Gary Bettman added this: “In our response, there were certain things that the players’ association asked for that we agreed to, there were some things that we moved in their direction and there were other things that we said no. But that’s part of the process.”"

"A new collective bargaining agreement will get done here. The question is will it get done in time for a shortened 48 game season? January 19th is the date targeted to get the season started in time.  To have any hope of a productive season there cannot be any more dilly dallying."

"What is needed to compromise?”Nobody’s counting like that,” Bettman said. “We’re not trying to keep score, we’re trying to get an agreement done.”Asked about the state of negotiations, Fehr declined to reveal much:“It’s better to be meeting than not, but I’m not saying anything else more about it.”Wednesday should provide a good gauge on where negotiations stand, however.In addition to the union’s expected response to the league’s recent offer, the NHLPA must also decide on whether to file a disclaimer of interest. The executive board, authorized the right to make the call after a membership-wide vote in late December, must make a decision on whether to dissolve the union by midnight on Wednesday."