It’s the Phoenix Coyotes time to take over in Arizona


Here is why the Coyotes have a chance to be the new kings of the desert

  1. The Phoenix Suns are horrible this year and will be horrible for years to come. Fans are upset with owner Robert Sarver and his constant selling of draft picks for cash and trading away every stitch of talent we have for a bunch of aging retreads on the cheap. Dragic is about the only piece besides Gortat that makes any sense. When the Gorilla is the main draw, things are pretty bad. Usually the main competition for the entertainment dollar this time of year, the Suns will provide little competition when they start 15 wins and 30 losses ea season. No help in sight as draft picks Rajon Rondo, Luol Deng, Rudy Fernandez, and many others were SOLD for cash. You heard it right. Not for other draft picks or players. Cash that went back into Sarver’s fat little pocket. They have sat near or below the 8th seed too long. Time for a change.
  2. Arizona Diamondbacks won the World Series in 2001. Since then they acquired young talent and have stayed relevant since. Even a few deep runs here and there to keep the fans interested. Recently both broadcasters Mark Grace and Daron Sutton were removed from the play by play for unrelated incidents. Justin Upton always disgruntled and rumored to be traded. Disappointments and uncertainty has kept the crowds average at best. I still like this team and think they have real promise.
  3. Arizona Cardinals. These guys sell out. Even with no QB and below .500 they continue to draw. Which is good for the Coyotes since they play right next door. Great chance to see a hard hitting team in red who is actually winning and competing.  Glendale can be a sports epicenter with NFL, NHL, Spring training, and more to come.
  4. Winning breeds fans. Let’s face it, even those angry east valley residents will make the drive if they are a winning club.  Each year it’s “they dont have a coach…they lost their goalie to free agency….they have no owner…the team is moving to Canada…they have no superstars” Yet they keep winning. Getting better little by little. Having the so called experts scratch their heads every post-season for not coming in last in their division. So when you see all the doubts and questions answered. Drop the puck and let’s get this Cup.
  5. Ownership. So huge when this deal is finalized to have the boys know they can buy a house. Some still renting. Every playoffs they hear which Canadian city is licking their chops. With this stability they can also go after free agents which before was not possible. Jamison will make the Coyotes the cool thing in the desert. Youth hockey is already growing. Only a matter of time until it will be impossible to find a ticket. Maybe then we can serve some crow to the naysayers.

When you have guys like Dave Tippett, Don Maloney, Mike Nealy, Mike Smith, and the beloved Shane Doan you have to be happy as a fan. Now it is time to put it all together. Blow the barn up nightly with cheers and home team colors. Chant loud and clap louder. Scream and shout and White it Out! The COYOTES are comin! Will you be there?