Coyotes Red and White scrimmage and abbreviated training camp


The White (Mike Smith) won 2-1 over the Red (Jason LaBarbera) Wednesday night in front of several thousand happy fans. Happy we have hockey again.

In a great moment after a shootout the players gave the fans all skaters and goalies came to center ice and acknowledged the fans. I was there with my 14 yr old daughter. One of many nights in Glendale where we go and cheer for our boys, the Coyotes.  Hoping for another deep playoff run. Hoping for ownership to get behind us and many more banners to be raised. Sunday will be the Pacific Division banner. Mini banners about 15,000 will be given away. Ownership by Greg Jamison has about 2 weeks to finalize. Another chapter we as fans would like to move on from.

As far as the scrimmage, it didn’t really matter who won. The fans won on this night. No anger or bitterness. Just cheers. Besides the Coyotes didn’t have an owner to lock anyone out. Shane Doan was the guy who finally got the NHL to crack with his good old sincerity. The AHL boys really had some zip in their blades and looked ready for the season to start. The rest looked like they had some rust. Yandle and a few others looked like they had been snipered, losing an edge here and there. It looked like a regular game. With 1 minute penalties and 15 min periods a least. Power play still struggled. Sullivan looked like he was a poor man’s Whitney. Shinnimin started it off with a rebound put in early in the second. Vrbata tied it up with a slapper off a face off high stick side to tie the game at 1. Playoff hero Boedker scored the game winner and everyone was happy just to be back in the building.

Matt Lombardi was re-acquired for basically nothing as the team sent a draft pick and the Leafs will pay a great deal of his salary.  During the Maloney presser he actually interrupted it with a phone call. Doan added he was glad to have Lombo back and it was a huge get for the Coyotes. Every player thought fan turnout was amazing.

In the end it was great to see a live hockey game again.