Kopitar, Kings send frustrated Coyotes, fans to last in the West


One word was echoed all night long. Before, during, and definitely after the game. REFS! That ugly four letter blast was spoken early and often. I have to admit I also fell victim to “crying” as any competitor would call it. In the end that’s exactly what is happening. Coyotes fans are upset with the slanted ice appearance when facing the LA Kings. Whether it is warranted or not the same guy waved off two goals for Phoenix. Incidents that happened one way were called differently the other way. What will frustrate the players and the fans are the disallowed goals. What if in Jerry McGuire she said “Shut up, you had me at hello.” Just as we are all warm and fuzzy the director says CUT and says “No No No the line is you had me at hell no!” People at Jobing.com arena felt cheated. They felt the refs took opportunities away from their team. In reality our Coyotes have to wear some of that.

Jan. 26, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA; Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Keith Yandle (3) talks with NHL refs Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Kopitar and others danced around in the middle of the ice taunting LaBarbera with no one to step up for their goaltender. We can cry and complain but we lead the league for Goals Allowed. This is not Dave Tippett hockey. Not the system we know and love. Grinding it out and physical play have been replaced with turnovers and lapses near the crease. I’m waiting on Emilio Estevez to dump trash on the ice and telling Yandle and Schlemko to clean it up. I won’t point anyone person or player out. Just can’t believe it’s getting to the point fans are complaining when certain defensemen are on the ice or with the puck. It’s getting ugly. I’ve run out of excuses. The back to back, short camp, backup goalie talk is over. Time to muscle up and show some pride. At this point in last place all we have left is pride.

One of two things will happen tomorrow. This loss will turn our season around or bury us in the desert.

Maybe the return of Mike Smith will spark the team. A little momentum and some wins with 5 of 6 at home are needed like water in the desert. Well it is unseasonably pouring buckets outside. Time for the Phoenix Coyotes to make a move. The good news is you only play Western Conference teams. So a little streak goes a long way.

Frustration boiled over as Chupacabra got into a tussle as well as Shane Doan pummeling Richards who smartly picked a fight while Coyotes were attacking. Just out of sync. No time to fall further behind. Time to start playing tough hard nosed hockey. Hockey the hard way.