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What a difference a day makes for the Coyotes and mom


Ok fans I promise not to bring real life into sports life often but just an update 24 hours later.

First of all mom in 2nd week of radiation and now the dark spots she was seeing have went away. We’ll take that as a win. Her spirits are high and optimism pushes the prognosis needle our way some.

Onto the Coyotes and their saga. First of all 4 – 0 shutout win to not right the ship, but to grab the wheel and pull it away from the iceberg. Complete win which gives old man momentum a chance to show his head. With a win versus Edmonton Wednesday and we have a season of reason.

Chad Johnson stepped up to spark the defense which may be getting some more good news. Mike Smith should return from IR this weekend.

Greg Jamison told The Arizona Republic on Monday that he expects to complete his purchase of the team on Wednesday or Thursday this week, just ahead of a crucial deadline associated with Jobing.com Arena in Glendale. “There’s a lot happening. We’re moving forward. There will be an announcement before the end of the week,” Jamison said Monday morning. Jamison added: “The deadline is the 31st, right? We’re working toward that,”

“There are a lot of moving parts. It’s very difficult to explain how many moving parts there are to put it all together. Rather than constantly going into that with people – people are a little tired of hearing that – I think they would just prefer to have an announcement, one way or the other, at an appropriate time,” the prospective owner said.

So here we are 24 hours later. I have come off the ledge, momentarily. We will know more about our future both immediate and long term by the end of this week.

Our boys may be Rising of the Phoenix Coyotes. Everybody Howwwwwwwwwwlllllll. You too Jamison!