J – Day is here. Coyotes deal close? Or are the Coyotes fading away with Jamison?


Today is January 31st. At midnight tonight a deadline imposed by the City of Glendale will expire. With it the Lease for the Arena Management fee to Greg Jamison will also disappear.

Greg Jamison Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Well as someone who spoke in front of the Glendale city council and cheered after the 4 – 2 vote, I feel heavily and emotionally involved in this deadline. It feels of an impending doom. Where is Jamison and does he have the money? Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and friendly chats all buzzed about just that. Moments of optimism then rumors which seem false create false hope. Then we get bombshell articles from ESPN saying Jamison short on funds and will not close the deal. To me that made no sense to publish that. It was a day ahead of the deadline. Why post that if he still has time?

Outgoing council woman Joyce Clark tweeted she remains hopeful and wants us all to breath, get some sleep, recharge for today’s possibilities.

I for one am numb to the entire process. So many pulling and pulling me into their traps of optimism and webs of lies. I don’t know which way is up anymore.

Canadians, especially some in Quebec think they can get the Coyotes. That will not happen as Seattle is most likely to get a relocated franchise. North Toronto and Quebec are likely expansion candidates. I stated in a forum it sickens me to have so many wish death upon a team I love so much. They think Darcy Olsen and GWI are God’s gifts to Canada. We all know who contributes to the frauds. Why they attack the Phoenix Coyotes and the City of Glendale but turn a blind eye to board members who are related to D-Backs brass. So much agenda pushing for me to contain myself.

Clock is ticking. Midnight tonight it all ends. Also not knowing what council or even the Mayor would be available at 11:59 to accept a deal. If we don’t get a deal by 8 pm AZ time consider this matter dead. Jamison a failure and the man who hoodwinked the Coyotes. Earlier in the day some of Jamison’s Sharks investors sold their interests in San Jose spurring even more optimism.

UPDATE: Jerry Weiers state two other groups interested but will not extend Greg Jamison one second past midnight.

Tomorrow will be a very sad day for some and very happy for the other.