Patrick KANE was hot, Coyotes aren’t ABLE to stop Blackhawks in Biblical 1st period part I


Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair.  Raffi Torres was blood and Chicago had several sharks in the water. Early on the scrap everyone of all ages, and hockey knowledge knew was going to happen; Happened. Mayers came off the bench and shouted at Raffi, “Let’s Go!” Without hesitation Torres dropped the gloves and the gladiators danced through a flurry of punches. It had to happened and both men fought because to be frank, they had to. Jamal Mayers is a tough guy and a team player and Raffi knew it was coming and quite glad it was over. This is ice justice. Wrong or right it came and both sides handled it well.  It was just an onslaught after that.

Feb. 7, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA; Phoenix Coyotes left wing Raffi Torres (37) fights with Chicago Blackhawks center Jamal Mayers (22) during the first period at Arena. Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Mistakes started to rear it’s ugly head in the form of call up Chris Summers who attempted to jump a play and chip a player which led to a bing, bang, boom goal from Victor Staalberg. After a opening penalty kill Derrick Morris checked Shaw who looked like he was Manu Ginobili several times tonight. As a writer we got beat on many levels tonight but as a fan it is beyond frustrating seeing some of these calls. My favorite call of the night was Chicago penalty for armed robbery as well as Phoenix penalty for losing too much money. What the H E 7 7  is that call? Either it was a penalty or a dive. Cannot be both. If so there wouldn’t be several 5 on 3 disadvantages for the home team in the opening period. Ollie was in position to score, why would he dive? A few poor calls the Yotes way but there was too much Blackhawks. The Michalek injury drew no penalty although it seemed accidental, just thought high sticks need to be down and not flinging around. It’s hard to complain about refs in a 6-2 game but if you played sports you know it is a whole different situation having to sacrifice defense for offensive chances and basically abandoning your game. The Coyotes are like a tough hard nosed running game in the NFL forced to pass often to get back into it. Never did and they are 0-2 giving up 12 goals in the pair versus Chicago.