Patrick KANE was hot, Coyotes aren’t ABLE to stop Blackhawks in Biblical 1st period part II


Never good to give up a goal then take a 10 min penalty for running your mouth. Especially when your sparatic play has linked you to many trade rumors. Yes Yandle I can’t stick up for you when you let you teammates down. Not cAptAin worthy.  Shots in the first period and Yandle had Twitter buzzing. I will say this: Chicago is on a big road trip but they had plenty of adrenaline to open up with.  Kane struck twice early with a squirt loose puck and a sweet set up from Toews in which he buried both.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

An honest account of this game would be the Coyotes came out and had a lot of early chances but it seemed every puck rolled on them or just sloppy play. Even when that first goal came about from Hanzal from Vrbata and Bods, Chicago answered with 2 more to nullify any chances. Nothing like seeing out of shape Toews jerseys pointing at the back of their jerseys and taunting fans saying “This was worth the drive to Scottsdale.” or “If my ‘Hawks played in this awesome Arena I would attend games here.”

Of course my rebuttal was something classy like “How ’bout them Cubs…..You can have this one but we still sent you trash home last season without a single series win!” I felt better but not really. Felt like this was a step back. Even hoped Kane would get the hat trick so we could see the ice littered with trash that would fuel a response going forward from our squad. A little mean in you goes a long way in certain physical sports. Defensive mistakes are huge against a skilled team like the 1st place ‘Hawks.

I had to grab my family and head to the exit after the 3rd period started or I would set a bad example throwing one of these loud mouths who look like they never played anything or had one tough guy moment in their lives. Yet they turn and taunt women and children in the row behind them. I had enough and so did the other 10,000 Coyotes fans who seemed out numbered early with the 4 – 0 deficit.

This just has to be an ugly loss and you need to bury it like the Raffi / Hossa situation. I would love a 1 – 8 or 2 – 7 opening round tilt. Starting to replace the Red Wing rivalry and maybe even the LA hatred. No rest for the weary as the equally tough and skilled Sharks are on tap in 2 days on the road.

My closing beef is with coach Dave Tippett.  Leaving Smitty in far too long after being peppered for a ton of shots and odd man situations as well as defensive lapses. At 4 – 0 I understand maybe thinking with a few 2 man disadvantages it’s wasn’t fair to pull the plug but I would of gave him the hook. LaBarbera did play well in the last period plus and I respect Tippett too much to question him. Just a lot of beef to spread around. I just hope they learn from it and let it fuel a streak of wins.

Torres got the last laugh with a late goal to let the Chicago faithful know who “knocked” them out of the playoffs.