Coyotes need more fans like Mr. ORNG


If you happen to check out a Phoenix Suns game at home and even some on the road, you may have seen a gentleman ORNG from head to toe.

His name is Patrick Battillo but he’s more famous as Mr. ORNG, The biggest fan for our hometown Suns. He can be seen on TV in other cities as if work permits he makes the occasional trip to Los Angeles, Utah, San Antonio, and even as far out as his home state of New York. ORNG has even donned a snazzy suit he uses as one of his disguises. He is no super hero but as a fan he is a fanatic. His passion for the Suns burns bright ORNG. He attends Rattlers and Mercury games as well. I sit right behind him at Arizona Cardinals games and he seems to be pretty knowledgeable  in all things sports. A hard find and Mr. ORNG is definitely a gem in Arizona as most fans are of the casual or transplant nature.

If you look closely you will see a few fans who border on fanatic. Take the crazy flag waving lady at Diamondbacks games. Guys who paint themselves into birds at Cardinals games. At Coyotes games we have a crazy guy who started the trend of wearing a Coyote on his head. White out Pope is a fan favorite and don’t forget my Playoff White Out Ninja. Ok that may be the weakest but when it comes to passionate all or nothing fans Mr. ORNG may be the best in the Valley of the Sun.

Look for him on Facebook, at Suns games, heck if you see him in the stands at home or on the road do a shot or take a drink of your favorite cold one. The point of this story as it relates to the Phoenix Coyotes is we need a few more fans like this. Needed are 17,000 plus fans that will fill the arena to capacity and not just when we play a Canadian team. I have yet to get Battillo to a Coyotes game. My hope is that when he does make it out to Glendale he appreciates the skill, speed, and power hockey has to offer.

Until then support you Coyotes, Suns, Sun Devils, D-Backs, Cardinals, Rattlers, Mercury, and more in the best way you can. DO NOT sit on your hands. DO where team colors and maybe add some personality to it. DO NOT be “that” guy. This is NOT an after work meeting with colleagues. Scream and shout on defense and shut up on offense. Show people the passionate Arizona fans we have out here in the desert.

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