Arizona Hates the LA Kings (And So Does California)


In other news, water is wet, fire burns, and Ilya Bryzgalov is crazy.

In a poll recently conducted on Reddit, hockey fans worldwide- I’m not kidding, they asked people from every continent- were asked to share which NHL team they hate the most. The results were compiled in quaint maps, complete with clever representations of mascots and a whole lot of black and gold.

The most hated team, much to everyone (read- no one)’s surprise, was Boston. Boring. Montreal pulled in a respectable second, although they were possibly tied with Vancouver- both due to the fact that the Canucks were the only non-Boston team hated in Canada and due to the fact that the Sedin twins are inexplicably hated in Alabama. The Jets got a nod for being hated by the continent of Africa as a whole (???), and the Penguins get honorable mention for managing to alienate their own home state.

Of course, the poll also served to fuel the hatefire felt in the West towards the team known as much for their Stanley Cups as they are for showing Britney Spears wearing headphones at their games. I didn’t get to see the breakdown of how many people in the desert voted against L.A., but I feel like it wasn’t a particularly close race.

Of course, Arizona wasn’t the only state that voted against this year’s cup champs. In addition to Oregon, the State of California threw their own champs under the bus. Maybe they realized that Dustin Brown has been doing other teams dirty since 2012? Must investigate.

This also shows that, despite the LA Kings being the only team in the Golden State to have won a Stanley Cup more than once, they still inspire loathing among their own people. Take that as you will.