NHL News: Stadium Series Yields Multi-Million Dollar Payout

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As shown in this Chicago Blackhawks celebratory photo, the stadium series are wildly popular- and lucrative, it seems. Mandatory Credit: Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, imagine my delight when I checked the Hockey Rumors and Trades Facebook page, and saw the league logo made out of money. The post announced that, due to the success of the Stadium Series this past winter- and the first payment made by Rogers Communications towards it’s 12-year Canadian broadcasting deal- the league was going to be sending out an extra $150 million-ish in bonuses to the league’s 30 teams.

Wanna know how much that is per team? Reportedly around $5.2 million. Per. Team. 

The Coyotes have to be rejoicing about this. According to the post, the team lost about $30 million last season (this number was disputed in the Glendale Star, who suggest that a rejected budget produced for the team by ICE Arizona announced closer to $5.7 million in losses when not accounting for capital support from revenue sharing and lease payouts), and has already signed on to receive $3.5 million per year based on the new arena naming rights agreement the team made with Gila River Casinos. Between the deal, the bonus check, and anticipated growth within the league- according to reports on the team’s official website, hockey has grown 17 percent in Arizona in the past calendar year- the team will be that much closer to getting its head above water. For those who are unsure, this means the team will be that much closer to finally finding the long-evasive security in the desert.

What are the biggest effects this bonus could have on the team- and the league?