#cawlidgehockey in Arizona

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The Arizona State Hockey Team thanks their fans with sticks in the air after a win at Oceanside Ice Arena. CREDIT: Allyson Cummings/WCSN

(Image Credit: Allyson Cummings/WCSN)

Arizona State

ASU fields not just one ACHA team, but three. That’s right- in addition to the Division I team the Sun Devils field two Division II teams; Division II elite and Division II pac-8. The Sun Devils’ squad has started to garner more attention in recent months, as well, with whispers of a possible jump to NCAA status.

The Division I team is coming off its most successful season in team history. They won their first Murdoch Cup as champions of the ACHA in Division I, finishing with a record of 38-2 and beating Robert Morris (IL) to win the program’s first championship in history.

Led by Head Coach Greg Powers, the Sun Devils earned their fare share of post-season awards. Senior Forward Kale Dolinski won the ACHA’s MVP, while Freshman Goalie Robert Levin came away with Rookie of the Year honors.

With great success has come new rumors about the team making a jump to the NCAA ranks. House of Sparky’s Justin Emerson recently spoke with Arizona State’s VP of Athletics Ray Anderson about that possibility.

"“I personally would love to see hockey as a varsity sport at Arizona State,” he said. “We have to make a commitment to figure that out.” “Men’s hockey here is just one of the real key examples of why a university this size really needs to work hard at raising the financial wherewithal to be able support a varsity hockey team,” Anderson said. “Then figure out a way for Title IX to then provide another gender sport so that you can do both”"

ASU also saw great success from its Divison II elite team this past season. I should know, since I was the play by play voice of the team last season. They were on their way to Nationals in Boston last season before the ACHA found them in violation of eligibility rules. Without this violation, they quite possibly could have given ASU its second national title in the same season; prior to the ACHA’s ruling, they had a record of 27-1.

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