Arizona Coyotes 2014-2015 Season Preview: The Calgary Flames

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When we put out our last absurdly early season matchup preview, a lot of people said it was ‘too soon to really know how things will go’.

Well, I beg to differ. So, using my powerful Editor status*, Howlin’ Hockey and myself have reached out to all 29 editors of the other FanSided NHL sites.  That’s right- we’re talking to every team. We wanted to see what fans from other teams thought about matchups against yours truly.

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Of course, we take all responses given with a grain of salt, because- let’s be honest- they’re probably biased. (No way we’d be like that at all.) 

Here at HH, we strive to give you the most intriguing analysis of the Arizona Coyotes, and I’m happy to say that the responses we’ve gotten so far should truly give you a glimpse into how next season will look.  May the best teams win- and with that, I give you the Arizona Coyotes vs the Calgary Flames.

*There is not a whole lot of power.