Arizona Coyotes 2014-2015 Preview: Arizona Coyotes vs Washington Capitals

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Power Play: Shane Doan vs Alexander Ovechkin

Apr 11, 2014; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Capitals right wing Alex Ovechkin (8) battles for the puck with Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Johnny Oduya (27) in the third period at Verizon Center. The Capitals won 4-0. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

HH: Which Captain means more to his team?

DS: Shane Doan and Alex Ovechkin are both very good captains, though they have different ways of leading. Doan is the more silent type, who prefers to lead by example and help others around him get better. Ovechkin is the more vocal type, and likes to take on a more hands-on leadership role.

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I think that Ovechkin is more valuable to the Capitals than Doan is to the Coyotes because Ovechkin simply IS the Capitals. Without him, the Capitals would have had a top 5 pick. So much of the Capitals offense revolves around Ovechkin. He has to play at his best for the Capitals to have a good chance at winning. Ovechkin has caught a lot of flack about being a coach killer, but I think if Trotz allows Ovi to be Ovi and not try to force him to be something that he’s not, Ovi will be happy- and a happy Ovi is the best Ovi.

While Doan is a very good player, I can’t say the same thing for him. Doan is also older and might be headed towards retirement sooner rather than later, so I think he is closer to ending his run at captaincy.

RF: I’d take Doaner over Ovechkin in a heartbeat. Ovi will be a hall of famer when his career is over- and he deserves it, because he is one heck of a player- but Shane Doan, to me is the embodiment of what a Captain should be.  He’s loyal to his team, his fans, and his coaches- almost to a fault. He had a chance to leave Arizona- for more money- to play for a Stanley Cup contender. He decided to stay with the Coyotes, though, even with the possibility of relocation hanging over the Coyotes’ heads at the time. He means a lot to the community, and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

“I’d take Doaner over Ovechkin in a heartbeat. Ovi will be a hall of famer when his career over and he deserves it because he is one heck of a player but Shane Doan to me is the embodiment of what a Captain should be”

At a signing event a few seasons back, I watched Shane take pictures and have conversations with every single fan that asked. His number 19 will hang from the rafters of Gila River Arena once his time in the NHL is up, and he’ll probably go down as the best to ever wear a Coyotes sweater- in addition to his charisma, he has more than 350 career goals, and has played in more than 1300 NHL games.

Going back to last season, I believe that Shane’s health problems early in the season were a huge reason the Coyotes missed the playoffs. Shane was off to one of his best starts ever, scoring 23 points in 27 games, before falling ill with Rocky Mountain Fever. Shane ended up missing a full month of the season and never really recovered- but his locker room presence still kept his team right on the brink of a playoff spot till the bitter end.