The Opportunity Cost of Max Domi

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Max Domi Con: His Talent Hasn’t Been Tested

Sep 15, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA; Phoenix Coyotes center Max Domi (15) carries the puck during the second period against the Los Angeles Kings at Arena. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

This is obviously the biggest concern- at 19, Max Domi has no major experience. He’s too young to play in the AHL (something that I, being me, had completely overlooked when considering what the team should do with him last night) for another season- according to the league regulations, a player must turn 20 before the end of the calendar year to be eligible to play for the farm system. With a birthday not coming around until March, this means that Domi has two options- make the leap to the big team, or spend another year in London.

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Most are convinced that he should join the team in Arizona- he’s got grit, he’s got scoring power, and he’s enthusiastic about his career. He’s also 19, though, and notorious for letting his emotions play the game for him. He’s got the ability to dart in an out of a crowd of skaters, but did one extra year in the OHL give him enough time to develop a sense of when to pass the puck?

Most GM’s have the luxury of sending entry-level players back down to the AHL if they don’t seem ready to play with the big club yet, but Don Maloney only has nine games to decide where Domi will spend the season. Nine games can offer a glimpse into whether Domi can handle play with the big club, but it doesn’t seem like adequate time to decide whether the 30-plus OHL goal scorer can translate that kind of success to the NHL. The team may miss out on a season that Domi could save by sending him back to London, but if they keep him and he’s not ready? That could arguably be even worse. They’d miss out on a year of development, and could potentially lose out on the opportunity to find someone else to fill in the third line winger role.