NHL15 Player Ratings: Arizona Coyotes Defense


After analyzing the offensive structure and ratings for the Arizona Coyotes in the NHL15 video game, now let’s take a look at the defense. Just like in real life, the Coyotes have a pretty good defense in the video game. The Coyotes defense can do it all from tight forechecking to ripping shots from the point in order to help contribute to the team.

Defensive Pairing 1:

(LD) Oliver Ekman-Larsson…86 Overall

(RD) Zbynek Michalek…83 Overall

With the offensive fire power of Oliver Ekman-Larsson and the defensive style of Zbynek Michalek, is there a better pairing in the league? Very hard to say. OEL can score goals and pick pocket the opposition down the ice. He is one of the best defenders in the league and his ratings show. His partner Zbynek Michalek is the definition of a work horse. He is not afraid to lay his body on a defender but his ability to fill in the lane and block shots is what makes him a top notch defender. This defensive pairing will cause trouble.

Defensive Pairing 2:

(LD) Keith Yandle…87 Overall

(RD) Derek Morris…82 Overall

Keith Yandle is the highest rated Coyote skater in this game with his defensive awareness, shot accuracy, and skating abilities. Whether its joining the play on an odd man rush or clearing the puck from the crease; Yandle is an impact player. The common theme of pairing an offensive defenseman with a defensive defenseman holds true with this pairing as Derek Morris is not afraid to make a hit. Morris is a veteran in this league and has the strong ability to knock opposing players off the puck and down to the ice. Just like the first pairing, defensive pairing number two is ready for action.

Defensive Pairing 3:

(LD) Michael Stone…81 Overall

(RD) David Schlemko…80 Overall

Just like the final offensive line, this last defensive pairing is subject to change as Connor Murphy and Brandon Gormley will be ready to test their skills on the team. Michael Stone is only 24 years of age and has a long career in the NHL ahead of him. Expect his ratings to rise in the coming years. David Schlemko on the other hand has critics questioning if he has reached his full potential at 27. EA Sports gave him an average player rating making this duo the grinders of the defense.