NHL15 Player Ratings: Arizona Coyotes Goaltending


One of the most electrifying positions in all of sports is the goaltender. Goalies are quickly praised for their tremendous saves or credited with the overall team loss with each goal that passes by them. It’s safe to say that these guys hold a lot of pressure. After analyzing the offensive and defensive ratings of the Arizona Coyotes in the recent NHL15 video game, it’s time to take a look at the goaltenders.

Starting Goaltender:

Mike Smith…89 Overall

Mike Smith has been a hot name in this league after he started his tenure with the Coyotes franchise. His break out in the 2012 playoffs and continual performance during the following seasons has caused him to become a name that scorers fear in this league. Mikey is the highet rated Coyote player in this video game and one of the highest rated goalies overall in this game. In fact, out of all the players in the NHL15 video game, Mike Smith is ranked as the 47th highest rated player. Smith is a brick wall in this game as he his very difficult to score on. His puck playing frequency is rated as a 95 overall so you can expect him to charge out of the crease towards a puck. If any goaltender had the ability to score a goal in this video game, it would be Mike Smith. He is the difference maker for this team.

Backup Goaltender:

Devan Dubnyk…82 Overall

Dubnyk, along with Smith, adds size to the Coyotes goaltending core as a six foot six inch net minder. In this video game Dubnyk is not anything special as he is average at best. He fits the role of backup perfectly as he will be ready to step in and provide rest for Mike Smith. His ratings fluctuate between 80 and 86 so he can be classified as a decent back up goaltender. Dubnyk fits his role perfectly.

Minor League Goaltender:

Mark Visentin…76 Overall

Visentin has seen time on the NHL stage but ultimately he is just not quite ready yet. He is the future of Coyotes goaltending at age 22 and will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years after the era of Mike Smith. Vizzer is actually rated quite highly for a minor league goalie. At a 76 overall and a high potential rating, his stats will definitely grow in the years to come.