Arizona Coyotes Trade Rumor – Jakub Kindl


Kindl has been rumored to be on the trading block and the Arizona Coyotes have been rumored to be interested in him

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Why would the Red Wings want to trade him?

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Jakub Kindl may be on the trading block because the Red Wings are $500,000 over the cap limit, and need to get below it before the quickly approaching season commences. He has a$2.4M cap hit for the next two years. He is described as a two-way defenseman, who would give value to any team.

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According to the above site, they have heard from multiple sources that either the Colorado Avalanche, or Arizona Coyotes have expressed interest in Kindl.

This proposed trade would not include the Red Wings receiving any salary, and that the 28 year old D-man could be traded for a second, and a fourth round pick, which I think is a bit steep. If they really are serious about moving him, they need to maybe pick up some of his salary, but really aren’t wanting to do that, to keep their salary cap down.

But, as I checked the FanSided site,, I found nothing to indicate Kindl is going anywhere.

I kinda disagree that the Arizona Coyotes would have much interest in Kindl. He has been known to make mistakes in his own end, and really doesn’t have numbers equivalent to a $2.4M cap hit.

He only had five goals and 8 assists last season, but two of his goals were of the power play variety. He also assisted on five power play goals of his team-mates. He is a six year veteran of the Red Wings, a very good organization who develops their young talent, with the results being they have reached the playoffs 24 straight seasons.

The other factor about this entire rumor is the Arizona Coyotes are looking for a defenseman at that salary cap price, but they have been seeking a RIGHT-HANDED shooting defenseman. Kindl shoots left-handed.

It may be that the Detroit Red Wings are looking for a “get out of jail” card, but I doubt seriously that the Arizona Coyotes are playing that game.

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