Arizona Coyotes Jerseys Ranked From Worst To First

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Though the Arizona Coyotes are entering just their 20th season as a franchise, the team has taken the ice in a variety of jerseys and styles in those two decades.

The Arizona Coyotes are one of the youngest teams in the NHL. Not just on the ice, but also in terms of longevity.

While there is some contention over the possession of the Winnipeg Jets’ history with the current Winnipeg Jets franchise, I prefer to look at the inaugural 1996 season in Phoenix as a line of demarcation.

The Coyotes’ history really begins there.

In the following two decades, the team has seen many ups and downs. There has been drama, bankruptcy, rumors of relocation, and a small but loyal fan base that was unwilling to pull the plug.

Through the trials and tribulations on the ice and in the business realm, the franchise has been quite bold in it’s approach to uniform design and aesthetics. Some of those risks were hits, while others were curiosities at best.

The sweaters worn by the Phoenix and Arizona Coyotes are an important part of their history, however they were received.

Let’s march through the sweaters/jerseys worn throughout the Yotes’ two decades in the desert in an effort to find the best…and the worst.

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