Arizona Coyotes: 12 Days of Christmas

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On the fifth day of Christmas the Coyotes gave to me …five sweater logos

When the Coyotes first arrived in Phoenix, they arrived with embodiment of the 90’s on their sweater. The variety of color used could have been better suited for a music video than a hockey uniform.

However like all things 90’s nowadays it has comeback as a lovable logo into the rotation.

They have utilized several logos in their time in the Valley.

The first was the Kachina logo with a full body Coyote goalie. The second was a large Coyote terminator face logo.

As for three and four they finally went to an updated look with a clean Coyote head. The Coyote head had a minor adjustment in the angle so that is included as the fourth.

And the fifth sweater logo they donned was when the unveiled black alternate uniforms that had a swift running Coyote logo across the chest.