Arizona Coyotes: Roadrunners’ Craig Cunningham Has Miracle Recovery


Arizona Coyotes prospect and Tucson Roadrunners captain Craig Cunningham is expected to be released from the hospital by Christmas Day according to an announcement released today.

The Arizona Coyotes and Tucson Roadrunners are planning to celebrate a Christmas miracle.

Craig Cunningham is expected to be discharged from the hospital by Christmas day.

The news comes after Cunningham collapsed on the ice before a game on November 19th.

At the time of his medical emergency, Cunningham was tied for the team lead in points with 13 in just 11 games played.

He was an integral part of the team’s impressive 8-1-2 start and had seen at least ten games per season with the Arizona Coyotes during the past two seasons.

Based on the little information available, the outlook seemed grim for the Roadrunners captain.

Instead, thanks to quick work from paramedics on site and a new ground breaking new procedure, the 26-year-old will be holding on a press conference on Wednesday at 10 AM.

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Then, presumably, he’ll be heading home to continue his recovery.

It’s hard to describe how amazing this news is.

According to a press release earlier today, Cunningham received a treatment called ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation).

That’s not all. According to the release, “Most patients who need ECMO are almost certain to die without this level of support.”

Finally, a new procedure “developed by Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD, using a left ventricular assist device, Oxy-LVAD, allowed Cunningham’s heart to recover.”

The whole process from November 19th til now involved quick thinking and expert medical care.

From the on site medics, to the staff at Carondelete St. Mary’s Hospital, to Banner – University Medical Center Tucson, a whole village came together to support Craig Cunningham and help him regain his health.

The news is truly extraordinary and puts a positive light on what has been a trying season for Arizona Coyotes fans.

Concerns about power play deployment and dump and chase pale in comparison to the struggle that Cunningham and his family just fought (and continue to fight) through.

His recovery is truly a bit of a Christmas miracle, given the circumstances.

Whether or not he skates again, Craig Cunningham is sure to be met with raucous applause at the Tucson Convention Center.

Whatever his hockey prospects may or may not be at this point, let’s hope he intends to remain a part of the Arizona Coyotes organization moving.

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A smart organization shouldn’t let good people like Cunningham get away.

Especially not when he can fight like this.