Arizona Coyotes: Former Winger Steve Downie Blasts Coyotes, Tippett

Former Arizona Coyotes forward Steve Downie apparently rediscovered his Twitter account prior to the holidays.

The Steve Downie experienced was short lived for the Arizona Coyotes.

The former 20 goal scorer and full-time pest played in just 26 games with the team last season.

He contributed 3 goals and 3 assists for 6 points.

Downie found himself on the waiver wire in January.

At the time, we wrote about Downie’s plight that, “His love of mixing it up and goading opponents got him into penalty trouble on more than one occasion, hurting the team at times when his actual hockey abilities would have sufficed.”

“Despite his reputation, Downie is actually a very serviceable veteran player, but seemed unwilling to pick his spots with his role as pest in order to maximize the return he could give to his team.”

The 29-year-old never learned to control himself and it appeared that head coach Dave Tippett was tired of it.

Whatever Tipp and Maloney’s reasoning might have been, Downie isn’t happy.

He broke a year long hiatus from Twitter to air his grievances with the Arizona Coyotes brass.

It began innocently enough, with a shout out to Yotes’ standout player Max Domi for fighting.

Then, things to a turn for the bizarre as he pivots into blasting Dave Tippett and Newell Brown for running a “classless” organization that is worse than a junior hockey team.

He also had thoughts on Domi getting injured fighting.

From there he shifted to the John Scott fiasco and conspiracy surrounding his jettison from Arizona last season.

At the time, John Scott’s trade came under intense scrutiny from fans and media. Particularly after Scott’s piece was published in the Player’s Tribune on the subject.

Steve Downie also had some choice words for how Tipp handles his players.

The outburst by Downie is pretty unprecedented among NHL circles.

There are outspoken former players on Twitter, and even a few outspoken AHL players like Paul Bissonnette, but I can’t recall seeing a player openly blast his former coach and organization in the same manner Steve Downie has the Arizona Coyotes.

It remains to be seen what stirred Downie up nearly a year after he played his last game in a Coyotes sweater, but something got him going.

Something tells me we probably haven’t heard the end of the tale just yet.