Arizona Coyotes’ New Years Resolutions

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Arizona Coyotes
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Consistent Effort For 60 Minutes

Perhaps the area the Arizona Coyotes struggle the most, this drives fans crazy.

Thursday’s game against the New York Rangers was a perfect example of this issue. Let’s see if this formula looks familiar:

  1. Come out flat, usually get outshot: Check
  2. Allow an early goal or two: Check
  3. Wake up as the game moves along: Check
  4. Battle back to tie the game: Check
  5. Lose focus and give it away: Check

The players said it themselves, going 0-5 on the recent homestand was embarrassing. They need to take more pride in every minute they get to step on the ice.

It’s a privilege, not a given.

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They constantly acknowledge the need to play a full 60 minutes, but rarely deliver.

A long, players-only meeting was held after the Rangers loss but the results didn’t come to fruition against Calgary.

Here’s hoping 2017 starts off a little better, and if the team can get some of these issues under  control watching the games might become more palatable.