Arizona Coyotes are an example that all-star weekend needs a change

Out of any team in the NHL, the Arizona Coyotes should have the right to complain about the current all-star game format.

I know that Darcy Kuemper was selected for the all-star game, and I know that Rick Tocchet ended up coaching at the event, but at the same time that was not enough to begin with. Arizona deserved more.

The Coyotes were one of the best teams in the pacific division at the time of the all-star game selection. They deserved to have a few of their players represent the team, instead, we just got our goalie Darcy Kuemper selected to the game.

While Kuemper is a great goalie and deserves to be there, a goalie is not enough representation for the all-star game. You are not watching the game for the goalies, rather you want to see some of the top goal scorers in the league play other teams’ best players.

We did not get that from the NHL this season. The Coyotes got head coach Rick Tocchet at the game, only after Vegas fired Gerard Gallant. I know that having Tocchet at the game was a gift, but at the same time, I want to see a player or two at the game. When you consider the game had multiple players from Vegas and Calgary just in our own division it makes sense to demand at least one Coyotes forward at the game.

I believe the NHL needs to switch back to the classic two-team format. We could have a draft and have two team captains. I understand that the league loves their three on three tournaments, but that doesn’t help get more players involved in the game. I know that the NHL will probably never switch back to the old format, I honestly just want to hear from you all.

Comment down below if you like the current format, and if you were upset that the Coyotes did not have any participants on the ice. The NHL is growing, we are going to have a 32nd team soon, that is only going to make it harder to get players into the all-star game, maybe it is time to make the roster a little bigger.

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