What if Taylor Hall started the season with the Arizona Coyotes

One fun question to pose right now for the Arizona Coyotes, in my opinion, is what if Taylor Hall started the season with the Coyotes?

Think about it. Hall is playing at about a point per game, and he wasn’t really factored into coach Rick Tocchet‘s game plan in training camp, and yet the team was ready for Hall.

I will be the first to say that Taylor Hall is a blessing for the Coyotes, he is a great player that can make a difference no matter who you play him with. Hall makes everyone better, and I can’t wait to see what he does in the coming years hopefully with the Coyotes.

My biggest question for Hall right now is how good could he have been if he had the full year with the Coyotes. Hall through his first 16 games this season has 15 points, and 7 of those were goals. Let’s try and project that long term.

Right now, Taylor Hall is playing at almost a point per game, more precisely it is .9375 points per game. This would easily lead the team, and if he had the full year maybe he could have built some more chemistry over time and put up even bigger numbers. Putting up .9375 points per game comes out to be about 77 points.

Hall’s 7 goals would also turn into 38 goals if you spread that out over the course of the season, assuming he plays in all 82. No one has put up that many goals or points since the team started to miss the playoffs some 8 seasons ago.

I know this is just a fun hypothetical, but at the same time, it shines a light on just how good Taylor Hall has been for the Arizona Coyotes over a relatively small period of time. John Chayka brought in a great player in December, now the team needs to start showing it in the win column!