Arizona Coyotes welcome Carolina Hurricanes to town to end homestand

The Arizona Coyotes are back in action tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes, this game is going to be big for the Coyotes moving forward.

The Hurricanes and Coyotes play just a few weeks ago, and since then the Coyotes have struggled greatly. Since playing the Hurricanes the Coyotes have been 2-3-3 in their past eight games. This is yet another opportunity for them to get back on track.

I do not think anyone is going to be able to forget the struggles the Coyotes have had in the last few weeks. However, they can rewrite their season in the coming weeks. Arizona is still in a playoff spot, and they will remain there until someone knocks them off like the Flames, Blackhawks or Predators.

The Coyotes are now just four points behind the Vancouver Canucks for first in the pacific division. Isn’t that crazy that no matter how bad we have been the last few weeks we still are just four points out? It really makes me wonder how high in the standings this team could have been if they had not had their slump.

The Hurricanes are 12-11-2 on the road this season according to our friends over at Cardiac Cane. Taking advantage of their weak record on the road will be huge for the Coyotes. We need to get out and score early to make sure we get things done.

Finding a way to get things done on the power play will be huge tonight. The Hurricanes are above average on both the power play and penalty kill this season. While the Coyotes do have a great penalty kill their power play has been down right ugly.

If we let the special teams make a difference tonight we are going to lose big time, because we will lose that battle. Hopefully, we can net the early goal tonight against the Hurricanes, and try and turn one win into a streak!