Arizona Coyotes allegations can not be ignored anymore

The Arizona Coyotes have struggled both on and off the ice. While the on-ice issues hurt the team now, the off-ice issues are more important.

The Coyotes are being investigated for fitness testing draft-eligible players in about 20 incidents according to Darren Dreger of TSN. All of those allegations really hurt the image of the Coyotes.

The case is growing as now it is being managed by the NHL deputy commissioner and league lawyers. I worried about the Coyotes moving forward. They are already not the league’s favorite franchise, this just hurts us more. I’m sure you already have heard about these allegations by now, but I think one thing we haven’t heard is something from the Coyotes front office.

I wish the team would jump ahead on these allegations and address them front up. We are facing what could be multiple millions of dollars in fines, and while that is just a drop in the NHL budget, it doesn’t make us look good.

I wish the Coyotes would address this sooner rather than later. Otherwise, we are going to look like the Houston Astros if the NHL. Oh, wait they actually won though. Obviously the Coyotes breaking the rules did not benefit them very much, as we are now out of a playoff spot.

Arizona Sports did a good job summing up what is currently going on with the ongoing investigation. Only time will tell what happens here, but it doesn’t make me feel great that the Coyotes are struggling off-ice just as much as they are on the ice.

We still have some time to right our wrongs this season, both on and off-ice. I am sure there are going to be some repercussions for what has occurred off of the ice for the Coyotes, but hopefully, we will have a future with a championship in the next 10 years right!

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