The Arizona Coyotes will have to consider trading Taylor Hall

The highlight of the 2019-20 season for the Arizona Coyotes came in December when the team brought in Taylor Hall.

The acquisition of Taylor Hall showcased how dedicated this front office was to make the Coyotes a playoff team. Since then, they have taken a lot of steps back. Regardless of whether or not the acquisition of Hall caused this step back, I think that he is the piece most likely to move.

Taylor Hall is on the final year of his contract playing for the Coyotes with only 3 million in cap space on the books thanks to the New Jersey Devils holding onto half of his salary. Now, I don’t think it is fair to count the Coyotes out just yet, but at the same time, I would trade Hall sooner rather than later to capitalize on the market.

We gave up a lot to get Taylor Hall, and there is no reason we can not get some of that back from a team looking to make the playoffs. Maybe a team like Colorado would be willing to give up one of their many prospects, or a team like Edmonton who originally wanted to bring in Taylor Hall.

I think there is a lot Taylor Hall could bring to the table, or rather bring to the table in trading. I know that the Coyotes have struggled, and while I wish things had worked out better for the Coyotes I think we need to look to next season.

If the Coyotes choose to trade away Taylor Hall they would be taking a step back this year. However, doing so will help them down the line. I want to see us win a championship sometime in the next 5 to 10 years. I think it could be sooner rather than later, but I don’t think Taylor Hall would be on the championship team.

Hall is not going to re-sign with this team. Any chances of that happening disappeared when the Coyotes failed to make the playoffs this year. They have struggled way too much with Hall to make him want to come back. Hopefully, we can have Hall score the biggest goal with the Coyotes in the next few weeks. That goal will come when the team trades him away from some young prospects and a good draft pick.

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